Send your people home safe tonight. Blerter brings mobile technology to the industrial workforce to connect, prepare and empower personal responsibility and creates a safety culture. Through a number of quick and easy steps you’ll have full visibility across the workforce, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are sending your people home safe every night.



Diversitas is committed to working alongside our clients to assist in attracting and engaging a diverse workforce. They work with you to maximise the competitive edge that having a diverse and inclusive workforce can offer.Their service is tailored and their approach holistic. Encompassing the full employment life cycle, they’ll guide you from talent attraction through to leadership development and workforce engagement. They’ll lead you along the journey to create your FUTURE WORKFORCE BY DESIGN.


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The PM-Partners group is Australia’s most highly certified project management specialist. They run projects and build capability.They have a unique way of running projects and providing project management training and advice, so their customers get better results with less cost and risk.  Each year they deliver over $AU 1.7B of projects, train over 500 people in project management and help some of Australiasia’s leading brands improve their PMO’s. 

Did you know?

  • 96% of clients said they would recommend TLW as a learning provider.

  • 83% clients rated our facilitator’s ability to connect with participants as better than other providers or the best they have experienced.

  • 93% of clients reported that The Learning Wave programme represented a good investment for their organisation.

  • On average, our 2000+ participants for 2015 rated our facilitator’s effectiveness 9.3 out of 10.