What results can you expect?

We’re confident we will make a big difference to your people and your organisation. Why? Because our survey results show...


of respondents said that our ability to understand their business was better than other providers.


of respondents said The Learning Wave represented a good investment for their organisation.

With our unique approach to workplace literacy, our clients see real impacts within their organisations. Sample impact results seen across some of our clients show:


Team communication leading to 15% improvement in quality = $ 50K savings on product re-run’s per year

ICONS 2-11

2 weeks of no absenteeism due to high levels of engagement and empowerment


10 mins reduction in clean up time per shift = $15K savings per year


151% positive shift in confidence and ability to complete Root Cause Analysis documentation

Literacy and Numeracy Shifts

The Learning Wave has delivered strong literacy results back to the TEC compared to the national average of statistically significant shifts.

National average = 19% of learners make a positive shift between pre and post LN assessments.


The Learning Wave results between pre and post LN assessments show the following shifts:

Speaking & Listening

“It’s done a lot for me to actually believe in myself.”

“I can do something I’m proud of.”

“I wasn’t really one to learn from a book, but it’s made things a lot more interesting, and I can see a better future.”

“Our most important resource is our people,” says Site Manager Doug Hallberg.

“If we invest in training for our people, we’ll get a return every single time.”