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Food for thought | Can you teach diversity and inclusion?

  • Posted by learningwavenz
  • On August 3, 2017

Training alone is rarely enough. Not when the subject matter is complex, controversial or comes packaged with a load of historically negative baggage, which diversity and inclusion does. For diversity and inclusion training to stick, it needs support, reinforcement and a firm foundation in a broader talent management strategy that includes culture, leadership and learning and development. Without the right...

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learning wave  in new Zealand for training courses


  • Posted by learningwavenz
  • On May 3, 2012

Igniting the potential in an organisation’s most important asset – its people, is the real key to productivity, according to the country’s most innovative learning and development provider, The Learning Wave. The Learning Wave director, Martyn McKessar, says that New Zealand’s focus on increasing productivity to kick start the economy has led to many employers concentrating on improving productivity and...

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The learning wave for training learning and development

Why Learning?

  • Posted by learningwavenz
  • On May 1, 2012

Successful organisations know that today’s business environment is fluid and dynamic. Such a fast-moving world offers incredible opportunities for those who grasp them, but it also means there’s no long-term future for those who wish to carry on as they’ve always done. That’s where The Learning Wave comes in. We enjoy the challenge of working with organisations that are setting...

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