Trish Tapara

Trish is an experienced coach, facilitator, designer and trainer, with excellent skills in developing and using assessment tools.

She is a registered psychologist (industrial and organisational) with a special interest in authentic leadership, conducting research and developing authentic leadership capability through coaching and development programmes.

“I believe we all have unique and special capability and untapped potential. It excites me as a coach to be part of revealing that potential, helping people gain insights, develop self-awareness, and become their authentic self. By facing challenges and building our commitment to action, we can all perform at higher levels than we thought possible. It is exciting to see how that growth and development contributes to our personal wellbeing, the wellbeing of the people we live and work with, the performance of the organisations we work in, and the development of positive and dynamic communities.”

She is an experienced consultant who has worked with a wide range of clients, using her skills in organisational development to enhance individual and organisational capability. She has worked on numerous change projects, and implemented learning and development systems, competency models and performance management systems.

With experience ranging from retail, logistics, telecommunications and insurance to the public sector, she quickly links into the imperatives and culture of a business to develop creative solutions that fit the organisation and drive performance improvement.