Alyson Keller

Alyson has been making a difference as a professional leadership coach and facilitator since 2001. She has been involved in working in both the personal and commercial sectors with individuals and teams of people from all ages and backgrounds, ranging from middle to senior executive management in small, medium to large corporations as well as individual professionals, students, performing arts, parents, educators and entrepreneurs.

Alyson has a passion and drive for enabling others to live a life that is authentic. She is highly experienced in facilitating learning that is designed to effect changes in behaviour. Her energy, enthusiasm and positive outlook help people to be ‘more themselves’ in all aspects of their lives. She has a relaxed and empathetic style, while she is also not afraid to challenge whenever necessary. She enjoys facing challenges and knows what it takes to step out of her own comfort zone.

Alyson is highly experienced in working with behavioural profiling tools including 360 degree feedback tools. She has designed and facilitated many leadership development programmes including assessment/development and coaching learning centres. She is one of 24 coaches in NZ to have earned a PCC Credential (Professional Certified Coach) through International Coach Federation and operates within a framework of strong personal values, always acting with utmost integrity.

Alyson is currently Immediate Past President of the New Zealand Northern Region of the International Coach Federation Australasia.

Some of the clients that Alyson has worked with include Noel Leeming Group Ltd, The Warehouse Ltd, Global Women, Naked Bus Ltd, Social Entrepreneurs School, Massey University, Christchurch City Council, Sky City Entertainment Group NZ Ltd, Airways, What’s Up (Kid’s Foundation) and YWCA Future Leaders Programme.