Amelia Anan-anyakorn

With a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the University of Auckland, Amelia has a balance of engineering knowledge and business acumen. She’s also experienced in sales & marketing, continuous improvement and strategic planning. That makes her a great fit as our Product Manager.

Being able to speak three languages namely English, Thai and Japanese, Amelia’s career has taken her to challenging assignments with multinational companies such as Toyota and JATO Dynamics. She knows how fast-paced global corporations operate, and she knows how to work with diverse, multifunctional teams to solve complex problems. Outside working hours, Amelia’s interests take in all things automotive – as well as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, jazz, mindfulness and the All Blacks.

Whatever your business, you’ll find Amelia brings a sharp mind to bear on any task.

“Behind every product there is a product manager working hard to help customers solve their problems,” she says. “As the Product Manager at The Learning Wave, helping our clients find the right solutions to their problems and improve their business performance is my ultimate goal.”