Andy Smith

A facilitator since 1999, Andy believes people gain empowerment to make improvements in life through insight.

Joining The Learning Wave team as an associate in 2005, Andy added qualifications in adult learning and literacy to his focus. He is a skilled learning facilitator who dynamically combines life experience and business knowledge into his sessions.

As a consultant and programme designer, Andy understands that learning and development is not a “one size fits all” proposal.

“In organisations, we grapple with the balance of managing ‘people and process’ in the delivery of our service. It is not an easy balance as relational skills differ significantly from process management skills, and most of us are stronger in one than the other. Leadership is now more than a positional role, command and control management is becoming less effective, and the skills of influence are hugely significant in a world of many options and expectations.”

He works with organisations to ensure the product delivered is relevant, engaging and at the appropriate level for participants from frontline to senior management. Andy also films/creates multimedia learning resources which can be customised to support business objectives.

As a facilitator, Andy draws on his experience in several industries, including construction, manufacturing, travel and music. He is proud of helping organisations as diverse as Hiways Stabilisers, Downer, Ports of Auckland, Transpower and the Department of Corrections to profit from transformational change in their workforces.

He has expertise in many fields, including behavioural change, values clarification, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, health and safety, developing organisational culture and presentation skills. He has a particular interest in how participants integrate insights gleaned in learning to better their personal lives.

Andy’s personal story is motivational, clearly demonstrating the importance of having clear vision, knowing one’s values, and taking ownership of one’s outcomes in life. His communication style has been described as “humorous and genuine”, “interactive and engaging”.