David Duff (aka Duffy)

A born and bred Mainlander, David brings his wide-ranging business experience to The Learning Wave.

Originally from a farming background, he moved into sales with Pfizer and now runs a property investment company. Working as a facilitator with The Learning Wave since 2006, he has passed on the insights and practical tools he has developed along the way. Business involves so many aspects – from emotive human factors to hard number-crunching. Being familiar with all these facets helps him bring a real, practical and fun approach to his facilitation.

David was part of The Learning Wave team involved with Carter Holt Harvey, when they received a Highly Commended award at the EEO Trust awards in 2014.

David enjoys enabling people to become empowered.

“A lot of people already have the answers inside them. I help them discover the skills they already have.”

David is an excellent communicator who knows how to connect with his audience and share his passion for getting results. He is experienced in facilitating people from all kinds of backgrounds and enjoys watching them grow as they apply their new-found skills, tools and learnings.