Debbie Martindale

As Learning Solutions Design Manager, Debbie Martindale has a role that’s absolutely pivotal to our business. In addition to being skilled in instructional design, needs analysis and project management, she has to be a great communicator, collaborator and people person. We’re pleased to say that Debbie ticks all these boxes and many more.

Debbie has previously held senior roles at industry training bodies, tertiary institutions and private sector organisations, as well as running her own consultancy. She has led teams of 45 front-line staff and managed key relationships with multinationals employing up to 30,000 people. She has undertaken strategic reviews of qualifications and training resources, and developed new programmes to meet new demands. But she is adamant that the needs of the business and finding the best way to engage the individual learner must always come first.

“I work on the principle that learning should be user-friendly, relevant, concise, engaging and applied in the workplace,” she says. My approach is to look at what blended solution will best meet the learning outcomes and business measures of success.”

You’ll find Debbie wears her expertise lightly. She’s focused on results and passionate about performance, but always sensitive to the needs of your people and your business.