Glen Sharkey

Glen, or Sharkey as he is more commonly known, has been involved in people development for almost three decades.

He’s incredibly effective at what he does – “inspirational” is frequently used to describe his approach. Sharkey’s ongoing, repeat business with clients such as Downer, Kiwirail and Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products means that one of his greatest challenges is making space for new clients.

Speaking of clients, he has an impressive list: from workplace literacy to senior leadership development, from infrastructure businesses to the winemaking industry, from one-on-one coaching to conference speaking. The bulk of his current work is in leadership development, including work-based projects which can deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings. It goes without saying that learning of this nature certainly pays for itself many times over.

He was the “Educator of the Year” for the National Speakers Association of NZ in 2015 and is the current president of NSANZ. He is also the author of several books.

Sharkey’s work with the operators and team leaders at Nauhria helped the company to be a Westpac Business Awards finalist in 2014, and to win the Large Business Award, Innovation Award, and the Supreme Award at the 2014 Indian Business Awards. He was also on the team that delivered the leadership initiative at Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products, which culminated in the business receiving a Highly Commended Award in the Skills Highway category at the 2014 EEO Trust Awards.

“I have a natural ability to connect quickly and effectively with individuals and businesses. And I absolutely love inspiring people to the point where they are genuinely surprised at their own potential ­ it’s such a reward for me to hear clients make comments like ‘I would never have got the promotion without your input!’”

You won’t regret the decision to engage Sharkey, whether for an energised conference presentation or “mining leadership gold” at any level of your organisation. In fact you may find the only problem will be other employees asking, “When do we get to do our programme with Sharkey too?”!