Greg Knowles

Greg joined the team at The Learning Wave in 2012, focusing on the facilitation of effective written communication workshops at all levels of business.

Greg’s management experience in the social and business sectors means he is able to combine an understanding of successful business management with the creativity required for effective and accurate communication. He has facilitated “Effective Business Writing” workshops at a number of New Zealand organisations including Stevensons and Carter Holt, and has been involved in longer-term projects at Griffins and Lion.

Greg is a freelance writer and published author based in Auckland. His tertiary degree is in science.

“Most people can write but that doesn’t guarantee they can write well. The thing I enjoy most when facilitating the written communication workshops for The Learning Wave is seeing the confidence workers from all levels of an organisation gain simply by understanding the basics of good writing. This translates to more effective communication and, therefore, a more efficient workplace.”

Many individuals and companies don’t realise how important good written communication is. Externally, the way you communicate becomes an integral part of your company and your personal branding: people read your written communication and from that develop an opinion of you and your company. Internally, the quality of written communication either adds to or detracts from the effectiveness of your company and, ultimately, its bottom line.

When talking about how to best write an email or present a report, Greg believes in “tools, not rules”. The aim of his presentations is always to ensure participants gain the tools for greater clarity in all written communication.