Joel Young

A gifted communicator, Joel has built a successful career as a facilitator and counsellor. People enjoy his positive attitude and appreciate the way he delivers practical insights with clarity, warmth and intergrity. As one of our associates, he is adept at delivering complex and sensitive material in an engaging way.

Joel’s career spans the world of business and self-employment,as well as learning and personal development. He has owned his own security franchise, where he grew turnover, managed staff, did door-to-door sales, and completed several engineering papers. All this, as well as delivering over 200 speaking engagements and spending over 1,500 hours facilitating groups and workshops.

It all comes back to Joel’s interest in people and what drives them. As he says, “I love to learn and have a natural curiosity about people—how they function and why.”

Joel’s life experience is an asset he brings to the work he does at The Learning Wave. You will find him an approachable, insightful and genuine person to deal with.