Lisa Hubbard

Lisa is our Head of Sales & Marketing. With 20-plus years’ experience in roles up to C-suite level, she has worked across a number of sectors in NZ including media, manufacturing and managed the New Zealand operations of some of the world’s biggest brands. Warner Bros, Miramax and Disney are just some of the names on her CV.

After winning her spurs in the challenging world of sales and marketing, and managing a succession of high-performance teams, Lisa has always been attracted to the idea of helping others develop the skills that lead to success. She trained as an Executive Coach and built a role as a Business Advisor, consulting with a range of companies. Her well-honed management skillset, combined with her inspirational guidance, have seen her take on change management, governance and project management roles with challenging objectives. She has delivered every time.

“Why did I join The Learning Wave? “Firstly because of the people and the culture”, she says. “And secondly, because I’m driven by a passion to help people thrive, for high performance and business success, and that is exactly what The Learning Wave is all about.”

Lisa has a wealth of big business experience, but she understands one critical truth common to all enterprises, small or large. If you empower your people, you empower your organization, and this in turn leads to great business performance.   Expect to see her bring this mindset whenever you work with her.