Mark Chapman

Outgoing and energetic, Mark Chapman is responsible for developing new business opportunities at The Learning Wave. He demonstrated initiative at a young age by leaving the UK in order to pursue his university studies at the opposite end of the world, at the University of Auckland. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree he has combined his love of travel with a career at the sharp end of business.

Before joining our team, Mark had the task of managing and growing $10 million worth of commercial accounts at a large nationwide organisation. He developed sales and marketing plans, nurtured client relationships and created new business opportunities for the team. In this and previous roles, he demonstrated his passion for communication and creating win/win scenarios. It’s a quality that we appreciate at The Learning Wave.

“Life is full of challenges and that’s the way I like it,” he says. “Whether it’s cold-calling prospects, taking on public speaking engagements or backpacking through Asia, I enjoy grabbing opportunities with both hands.”

When you work with Mark you’ll find he’s strongly focused on meeting customer needs. He relates well to people at all levels and works in a methodical way to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. Generating tangible results while helping people feel at ease is what he’s all about.