Martyn McKessar

After 15 years as an independent learning consultant, Martyn became one of the founding directors of The Learning Wave.

He balances his time “working on the business” (helping The Learning Wave put into practice what we are teaching others!) with working alongside a few key clients, helping them develop the personal and organisational capability to succeed in their present and future markets.

Martyn has helped a number of customers build a learning culture that has delivered a long-term improvement in business performance. To achieve this change, he’s known for creating innovative and fresh strategies to develop people and organisational capability. He quickly becomes part of his customer’s team, and is viewed as a trusted adviser, working alongside customers over a number of years.

“I love hearing what companies, and individuals, have achieved as a result of the learning they experienced. For me it’s all about the value of the outcomes.”

Expect Martyn to focus on how well your business is meeting its business objectives, and to work with you to create learning strategies that develop your people and improve business results.