Matt Williams

Matt Williams is an expert facilitator, motivator and communicator. He has developed and delivered training packages for the Department of Corrections, NZ Police, Foodstuffs and the NZ Personal Training Counsel. He also created the first online course for Motivational Interviewing, including website design, ecommerce, programme development and audio and video engineering.

Not content with his burgeoning career in Learning and Development, Matt has established himself as a behavioural change coach at and author of ‘Exercise Change: Build, Strengthen and Maintain Motivation to Exercise.’ It’s all about equipping people from all kinds of backgrounds with the tools to get the most out of themselves.

“I believe that when it comes to change, too many people approach it with only a vague sense of what needs to happen in order to succeed. My goal is to assist people to build up the knowledge they need to make change a reality.”

You’ll find Matt a positive and inspiring person to work with. A creative problem-solver, he will quickly develop a strong rapport with your team and make the whole process fun.