Rachelle Stokes

Rachelle has developed high-level skills in the design and execution of learning programmes for corporate clients in very competitive markets.

With a strong background in sales leadership and extensive experience working with leaders at all levels across diverse industries, she understands the necessity of delivering measurable results while meeting the needs of people within organisations.

Rachelle headed up our involvement in SKY TV’s award-winning leadership development programme “The Leadership Journey”, designing a learning programme that was aligned with SKY’s leadership framework and ensuring the facilitation team (herself included) delivered a consistent, engaging experience that wowed the learners and helped drive a real change in organisational culture.

“I love it when I help people realise the impact they can have. There’s nothing like hearing powerful stories about the things learners have put into practice and the successful outcomes they’ve achieved for themselves and their companies. I’m all about shifting people from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’.”

Instilling soft skills to meet hard targets is crucial to success in today’s business environment. Learners who have participated in Rachelle’s workshops describe her as having extensive knowledge coupled with real-life experience. They appreciate her pragmatism, high energy and ability to engage, creating an environment where they are supported and challenged to explore what they need to change, and how they will make this happen.