Sharlene Woolston

Sharlene lists one of her values as “living inspirationally.” It’s a mantra that has served her well in her everyday life running youth development and speaking to audiences.

You’ll find Sharlene delivers content that’s based on robust research and personal experience. Above all, she connects with her audiences. A gifted communicator with a zest for life, Sharlene excels at getting audience ‘buy in.’ It’s a combination of qualities that has served her well during her career engaging with young people, contracting with healthcare organisations, working as a professional trainer, and speaking and performing as a singer at national events such as Parachute Music Festival.

A dedicated mother of four boys, Sharlene brings a refreshingly different perspective to the organisations she works with. She says, “My work is all about making a difference in the lives of others and building relationships with the people I connect with. It’s all about educating people in a way that is both practical and inspirational at the same time.”