Terry Williams

A very experienced facilitator, author and columnist for Employment Today, Terry focuses on leadership and employee engagement.

Research shows that engaged workplaces are more productive and profitable. These are the benefits that Terry helps workplaces design and develop for themselves. In demand locally and internationally, he’s presented to a crowd of 4500 in Singapore. For The Learning Wave, he’s worked with the Automobile Association, Douglas Pharmaceuticals, QualMark, NALCO and more.

“It doesn’t matter what we say we think, our behaviour reveals what we really think.”

As incongruous as it might seem at first, Terry is also a stand-up comedian, with multiple solo shows in the NZ International Comedy Festival. So, as well as facilitating business workshops that are engaging and professional, he also makes them interactive and memorable. Clients often book Terry to speak at or MC conferences and corporate events, which he can combine with workshops.