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Throwing and catching | Pete’s top reads of the month

  • Posted by Elysia Arnold
  • On August 30, 2018


Some years ago we learned an important lesson about juggling:

Tossing the ball is much more important than catching it. If you’re good at throwing, the catching happens easily and you can keep more balls in the air without dropping them.

We spend a lot of our time at work in catching mode. In dealing with the incoming emails, phone calls and latest social media posts. We go to meetings that were called by other people that don’t have agendas or action items or that simply are not relevant to our projects or responsibilities.  In finding ways to put out fires.  All too often we end up reacting to whoever is making the most noise.  We go home exhausted and unfulfilled, and our motivation and productivity are affected.

But if we can all take a lesson from jugglers, we discover that the hardest part isn’t catching, it’s tossing.

So learn how to toss, how to initiate, how to avoid time-wasters, how to do first the things that help you get to your goals. Make choices on what’s important versus what’s just urgent and you’ll need to spend far less time worrying about catching.

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