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Transforming Workforce

  • Posted by learningwavenz
  • On October 24, 2018

If you missed our “Transforming Workforce” event last week, the panelists did a spectacular job and sparked some interesting conversations.



Here are a few of the key themes…

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here!
  • “Digital technology” is not a skillset but a mindset.
  • Customer needs and workforce needs are changing and the balance between digital and human is changing along with it. Human interaction is now more critical than ever before. Businesses need to embrace the future of technology AND human skills – it’s not an “either/or ” choice its an “and” conversation.
  • While there are situations where customers prefer digitisation, people still prefer human interaction particularly when something goes wrong.
  • Business strategy is more important than ever and needs to be undertaken more regularly but with a long term view. The days of the 3-5 year strategic plan with an annual review are gone.
  • Business strategy needs to be separate from strategic workforce planning. The latter needs to look the elements of WORK: WHAT work needs to be done. WORKER: WHO will do the work – automated, human (permanent, contractor or freelancer). WORKPLACE : WHERE the work will take place.
  • With demographic and cultural changes, virtual teams, flexible workforces, balancing the human element with technology – the key differentiation for good businesses will be great leadership. Leaders will need to balance “doing” leadership with “being” a great leader. They will need to be authentic, empower and inspire their workforces. They will need to feel very comfortable within fluid and changing operating environments.
  • Leadership is also the key to thriving diversity in our workforces and to creating inclusive work cultures. The war on talent means we need to develop our culture to attract new and retain existing talent.
  • Life-long learning and promotion a continuous learning culture will also need to be part of the fabric of an organisation not only to attract and retain talent, but to ensure businesses are constantly evolving.

If you and your business would like further information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact The Learning Wave.