Proven programmes, tailored to you.

The programmes we design are not about learning the ‘ABCs’ – instead, we embed key reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that increase core capability and enable them to perform better.

The programme that we create together will reflect your workplace.

We often include topics such as:

*  Health & Safety

*  Communication

*  Leadership

*  Learning Styles

Hear how our customised solution helped Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts and their people:



Customise learning programmes to meet your business needs

Focus on organisational culture

Work in alignment with your organisational values

Connect you with the best facilitators from around NZ



Dictate or preach

Use boring content- i.e. death by PowerPoint

Ignore your context or constraints

Copy and paste programmes

"We see literacy and numeracy as being more than just about reading and writing - it’s about having the skills to understand and effectively communicate with your team what is happening in your area or on your machine..." "We recognise that literacy and numeracy are the foundation required to allow DB to achieve our Brewery of the Future vision."

 - DB’s National Training and Development Manager, Simon Williams.

Did you know?

  • 96% of clients said they would recommend TLW as a learning provider.

  • 83% clients rated our facilitator’s ability to connect with participants as better than other providers or the best they have experienced.

  • 93% of clients reported that The Learning Wave programme represented a good investment for their organisation.

  • On average, our 2000+ participants for 2015 rated our facilitator’s effectiveness 9.3 out of 10.